It shouldn’t come you as a shock when we tell you that a lot of music from your favorite playlist aren’t actually produced by the named artists. It’s no news flash that there are many renowned DJs and artists in the EDM industry who uses ghost producers. People misapprehend it an artist’s lack of talent. But that’s not the case all time. Being an artist in the EDM industry means to be encompassed by unavoidable limelight and commitments. Which in turn leads to lack of time and focus in music production. In such times, ghost producers turn out to be very helpful.

Artist Who Uses Ghost Producers

1. AfroJack

Its not an unassertive rumor but truth that AfroJack ghost produced for David Guetta. He admitted on Twitter to @TheFPIA ( Fake Producers Intelligence Agency) that he had helped ghost produce David Guetta’s chart topping “Titanium”, but didn’t want to attach his name to it due to feeling as if his image would be damaged by his name being attached to the track.


DVLM were crwoned #1 DJs in the world in 2014. Right after that followed the news of their contract with Maarten Vorwerk for ghost production of ‘Stampede’. They denied the same and stated that the contracts were fake. Another news that caught fire was about Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike back tactics, during which a group of good-looking girls walked around the festival asking attendees to type and submit their info into a pre-filled iPad that votes for the Belgian duo.


Leaked contracts between Borgeous and Spinnin Records provide proofs of payment to KSHMR. The leaked contracts reveal that KSHMR ghost produced two songs for Borgeous. Also, the agreement states that KSHMR will not be provided any credits for the same.

4. Armin Van Buuren

Armin Van Buuren is a Dutchman who has build a strong fame and career as a DJ in the EDM industry. But not many people know that he achieved this success by a ghost production arrangement formed between him and Benno De Goeij. Yet, it is common knowledge in EDM circles that De Goeij forms one half of van Buuren’s Gaia pseudonym, under which he has released tracks such as StellarTurvan, and Empire of Hearts.


According to the contract that went viral sometime back, the famous ghost producer Maarten Vorwerk ghost produced two famous tracks for DVBBS. Stampede and Tsunami, the top ranking music tracks were ghost produced by Maarten Vorwerk.

6. Hardwell

The world’s #1 DJ twice in a row has not always been in favor of spotlight. He began his career as a ghost producer just like Martin Garrix. Though there are no solid facts about who did he ghost produce for. But, as per certain speculations, the most predicted guess is that he ghost produced ‘Pallaroid’ for Thomas Newson.

7. Dash Berlin

People know Jeffrey as the face of Dash Berlin but are unaware that its not just one person but a team of three. Dash Berlin concentrates on live performances and is the one who uses ghost producers.Not everyone knows that they follow an arrangement of ghost production where in Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn are other two members who ghost produce the tracks. Dash Berlin is a proof of how ghost production can be well accumulated in EDM industry.

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