These are the 6 important points of EDM Ghost Production which will be beneficial for you in every aspect. Learn everything about EDM Ghost Production from Buying, Selling to Promoting your track.


EDM Ghost producer is the complete anonymous professionals, who are hired by EDM Artists/DJ’s to create their original tracks/remixes/Mashup’s/bootlegs and essentially buys the rights of that creator’s work to release it as an original.

There are air-tight contracts between the Artists/DJs with ghost producers which prevent identifying the anonymous. Next time, don’t feel cheated/lied if you found out the new song you love was actually created by a completely unknown, unnamed person.

In today’s modern dilemma of Electronic Dance Music, most of the Artist/DJs hire Ghost producers for their record labels/original tracks. Dash Berlin: “I work together with other producers all the time and I am very open about it. What others do is their decision.”

I hope now you know the concept of what EDM Ghost Production means, let’s move further and know in more detail about how the EDM ghost production works, Why producer sell their tracks to unknown artists? Which most known artists are using EDM ghost production service and many more


Want to be an EDM Ghost Producer?


Big success is an effort put piece by piece which becomes possible with a little aid and also talent. You can build your career as an EDM ghost producer like Maarten Vorwerk by choosing the right platform for yourself.

Exposure and guidance play an important role when you have big goals. Maarten Vorwerk’s rise to fame as an EDM Ghost producer came with the internet frenzy that came about when the world found out he was the producer behind Sandro Silva and Quintino’s track “Epic”. Identically, keeping up with your diligence, you too can become an EDM ghost producer.

How To Become a Ghost Producer?

Along with the technical knowledge you require sheer dedication to become a ghost producer. Making a career as a ghost producer in the EDM industry is tough. But not if you already have a gist of it. You can get involved in the professional practice of music production. Furthermore, it will help you learn, grow and also make money.

Learn and Earn As a Ghost Producer

There are ample of websites available online that provide a platform to ghost producers to sell their work. By being in your normal routine you can be an active part of this. You can submit your work on these websites where there are real admirers and buyers of EDM music. You can have your tracks sold on these websites for a very great amount. Also, this gives you detail about how artists in EDM work and what do they require.

Firstly, your interaction with the clients through the website will give you opportunities to make custom tracks. Secondly, you will get the exposure and guidance that is required to brush up your skills. Also, there are chances that somebody somewhere might hear your music and snap!

That could be your milestone. It sure doesn’t happen overnight. But while you are in this process, you are building yourself in a way that in the long run will help you become a successful ghost producer.

It shouldn’t come you as a shock when we tell you that a lot of music from your favorite playlist isn’t actually produced by the named artists. It’s no news flash that there are many renowned DJs and also artists in the EDM industry who uses ghost producers.

People misapprehend it an artist’s lack of talent. But that’s not the case all the time. Being an artist in the EDM industry means to be encompassed by unavoidable limelight and commitments. Which in turn leads to a lack of time and focus on music production. In such times, ghost producers turn out to be very helpful.

Become an EDM GHOST PRODUCER for Danalonama Music Studio

Danalonama Music Studios is a wide-open platform for you to prosper your career as an EDM Ghost Producer. Right after you are a part of the team, we help you move towards the right direction based on your goals. Make the best of ghost produced tracks and we will help you to do it better each day.

Not just that, you get to earn a good amount while you are still working on your skills. You get an opportunity to communicate with the clients, which will help you get clarity about what people in the music industry are actually looking for. Earning and learning, is what you gain with Danalonama Music Studio while you are preparing your best to be an EDM Ghost Producer.


Process of buying EDM Ghost Produced tracks

There are a lot of platforms that sale ghost produced track but buying a track is no easier task nowadays, When you like a track on any ghost production platform the first question arises in your head is, is this track is 100% Copyright Free? Does this track will help boost my EDM carrier? Does this track will not match my style and will it sound like a ghost produced track? and many more questions can arrive in your head.

Basic questions which usually arise before buying a track

The first thing you need to understand before buying any ghost produced track is the track which you gonna purchase is 100% Copyright-free and Does it will give you rights to release it under your name on any platform. Because some ghost production platforms might not mention this in their FAQ which you have to ask and confirm manually by contacting them.

Choosing the right genre track

Once it is cleared you need to move to the next step that is look in the market and research which genre tracks are getting more popularity.  Do the same genre track will give you a little boost to your EDM carrier? Will it suit your artist brand name? Will it sound like ghost produce a track? So keeping everything in mind you need to choose the right genre.

Selecting your track

Then after selecting the right genre, you need to find the right track in that genre. There are tons of ghost production platforms in the market. Go to each and every possible platform and play your favorite genre tracks and add your liked tracks URL in a text file or note pad. With this also write down the price of the track it will be much easier if your budget is really tight.

Making purchase

Last point after getting a list of all tracks in your notepad or text. Check each and every track quality and price-wise. Check which tracks sound similar and try to purchase as many same-sounding tracks as possible because releasing different soundtracks can sound suspicious and people will assume that you are using ghost production service. But releasing same-sounding tracks can sound like all the tracks are produced by you. Cheap and affordable ghost production sites are listed below

Extra points to note.

Ask for the contract file

After purchasing a track you need to sign an official contract to get 100% Copyrights

Ask for Discount

Before purchasing more than a single track from any platform ask them to give a discount.
Or search here to find the discount coupon code.

Ask for the project file

A project file can help you in many ways like future editing, mixing, mastering and adding your own signature sounds. Few of the tracks come with a project file and few of the platforms give the project file for an extra amount.

How To Promote Your Purchased EDM Ghost Produced Track/ EDM Track?

Grow Onile Fanbase for Your purchased ghost produced track

Music runs in the veins of this generation. May that be a listener or a producer, good music soothes everybody’s bad days. And if you have the track and want to promote it to build a career. You should know that music promotions are an important element for a successful career. Even if you are looking to be a ghost producer, these promotional options will be extremely beneficial for you.

The satisfaction one gets after watching people groove to their piece of music is solace for a music producer. But, for your music to reach the people, you must promote it the right way. The competition in the music industry is at a peak.

There are so many variants now and the market is wide. Skills are important, but so is marketing and promotion. The music industry is very welcoming and gives a lot of opportunities to showcase your work.

How to start the promotion

There are a lot of channels by which you can connect with your audience, big artists or music PR agencies. For promotion, you can make optimum use of social media platforms. You can create your own page on Facebook and also on Instagram and actively post your work on it.

Now that these platforms have a lot of options for organic and paid promotion, you can learn to use them and build your audience.

Digital Platforms

Release your tracks on digital platforms like Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many more. To do so you will need a record label. Signing a record label this day is no more a tough task. You can use this 5000+ EDM contacts list to find the personal contact of your favorite label. Or just pay a small amount and get your track on the record label. Below are few sites who can release your tracks on the digital platform with a little amount.

Promotional campaigns for digital stores

Once you release your track on digital stores you are ready to go. To bring your published track on top charts you need the download and plays. Below you can find the website links which can help you boost your ranking in online digital platforms. Once you are at the top of the chart it will reach the audience and if they like it, they would eventually make it viral.

Spotify promotions and Beatport promotions will make a big difference in your reach.

Free music sharing platforms

Another best way to promote your music is that you can send your work to top YouTube channels for music promotion. A feature on any of those channels will build your online profile and make it stronger. Online music promotion is very simple yet effective to have your music heard by people. Music marketing is the new element of the industry now, once you know how it works then you can completely focus on bettering yourself. Below is the list of best EDM Music channels

Know which artist has a connection with Ghost Production Services?


It’s not an unassertive rumor but truth that Afrojack ghost produced for David Guetta. He admitted on Twitter to @TheFPIA ( Fake Producers Intelligence Agency) that he had helped ghost producer David Guetta’s chart-topping “Titanium”, but didn’t want to attach his name to it due to feeling as if his image would be damaged by his name being attached to the track.


DVLM was crowned #1 DJs in the world in 2014. Right after that followed the news of their contract with Maarten Vorwerk for ghost production of ‘Stampede’. They denied the same and stated that the contracts were fake. Another news that caught fire was about Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike back tactics, during which a group of good-looking girls walked around the festival asking attendees to type and also submit their info into a pre-filled iPad that votes for the Belgian duo.


Leaked contracts between Borgeous and Spinnin Records provide proof of payment to KSHMR. The leaked contracts reveal that the KSHMR ghost produced two songs for Borgeous. Also, the agreement states that KSHMR will not be provided any credits for the same.


KSHMR: “I think it’s acceptable to get help. Ultimately, it is up to the artists to decide at what point they are no longer being honest with their listeners.”

Armin Van Buuren

Armin Van Buuren is a Dutchman who has to build strong fame and career as a DJ in the EDM industry. But not many people know that he achieved this success by a ghost production arrangement formed between him and Benno De Goeij. Yet, it is common knowledge in EDM circles that De Goeij forms one half of van Buuren’s Gaia pseudonym, under which he has released tracks such as Stellar, Turvan, and Empire of Hearts.


According to the contract that went viral sometime back, the famous ghost producer Maarten Vorwerk ghost produced two famous tracks for DVBBS. Stampede and Tsunami, the top-ranking music tracks were ghost produced by Maarten Vorwerk.


The world’s #1 DJ twice in a row has not always been in favor of the spotlight. He began his career as a ghost producer just like Martin Garrix. Though there are no solid facts about who did he ghost produce for. But, as per certain speculations, the most predicted guess is that he ghost produced ‘Pallaroid’ for Thomas Newson.

Dash Berlin

People know Jeffrey as the face of Dash Berlin but are unaware that its not just one person but a team of three. Dash Berlin concentrates on live performances and also is the one who uses ghost producers. Not everyone knows that they follow an arrangement of ghost production wherein Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn are other two members who ghost produce the tracks. Dash Berlin is proof of how ghost production can be well accumulated in the EDM industry.


Danalonama is the Ghost Production platform which connects up and emerging DJ’s/Artist with top-notch Ghost Producers. It is the ultimate destination both for buying and selling High-Quality EDM Ghost produced tracks at the Cheapest rate.

Music Production on its own is a big component and the EDM industry is full of it. With its growing notion, it has unlocked a wide compass of career opportunities. Possibilities are that they might not have enough time to concentrate on their production.

Ghost Producers ease it for them. Some people are just like to make wonders by producing quality music in a studio. without wanting to go on-stage and perform. Everybody knows that a lot of artists in the EDM industry still using ghost production. A lot of people have already made a career out of it and become successful ghost producers.