How To Promote Your Music Independently
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Internet is the ‘Big Market’ today. It connects you to people you haven’t met and places you haven’t visited. Its a platform that allows you build an identity purely via your work. The stronger hold your work has on the internet, stronger will be your career. And as a music producer, its important to have a strong hold on almost every Internet platform you can.

Where and How to promote your music?

1. Social Media

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are most widely used. It spreads the word everywhere and to everyone. Having an active social media profile will give you long term benefits. Post your tracks or snippets of it on social media and know how people respond to it. The response will help you know what’s in and new. Make optimum use of Facebook tools to bring traffic on your platform. Constantly share your updates on Twitter and be a part of the updates of EDM Industry. Instagram is highly flooded with people who are constantly looking for new elements. And music is something which is loved by all. Staying active on Instagram, following people belonging to your niche and posting your work will help you promote your music on an even wider scale.

2. Spotify

Spotify is a platform that has immensely proven how important streaming is! Your cover version will give you a big opportunity to get picked up by peoples playlists, but to get started, start creating your own playlists. Avoid compiling playlists just consisting of your own material. Get together with other artists as that way you can be a part of the community. You will also have the opportunity to learn, progress and collaborate. The listeners of the other artists will also be directed to your playlists helping you to promote your music.

3. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a platform that allows you to stack your tracks in one place and push them out to other social networks. Increase the communication on this platform as it will help you promote your music. When it comes to fan engagement, ask for feedback on alternate mixes, encourage your fans to create their own “perfect setlists,” post an untitled track and ask for fans to comment with their suggestions for the song name, etc. Share your ‘work in progress’ on Soundcloud and build up a hype for your music. Stay engaged with your fans and join groups of similar niche to be a part of the bigger community.

4. YouTube

Everybody knows the power of YouTube and how instant it is. YouTube makes content viral in seconds if its generically loved. You can have your music do that wonder for you. There are high chances that someone form the industry might notice your work and you can kick off your career. You can also send your work to some esteemed YouTube channels that might feature your work on their profile. Some prestige YouTube that you can look upon are Spinnin Records, Mr.Suicide Ship, Monstercat, Armada Music and Ultra Music.
To promote your music online is a step by step process that requires consistency and dedication. Its a gradual process that will give you big success in the long run.