Dubstep Ghost Production
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Dubstep is a genre that has given their own sort of definition. To lay a general one, its a genre of music that grew out of dark, dubby 2 step garage from the UK in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The emphasis of this genre on heavy deep baseline forms the ‘dub’ and the stepping beats which is generally kick drum on the first and third beat and syncopated snares make for the ‘step’, hence ‘Dubstep’.

Dubstep is a genre set on rhythmic sounds to an excess of bass and joined by an excessive drop. This electronic genre which is half of the drum and bass genre is extremely intense. Dubstep has gained popularity because it is very similar to hip-hop beats, which reflect dubstep in many ways.

This genre often relies briefly on ‘triplitized’ or ‘duple’ rhythms. It is often composed of tightly coiled overwhelming bass lines, drum patterns and occasional vocals. This genre is considered to be composed of very unique sounds and hence, loved by almost everyone.

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